Projected Job Growth by Industry

The 2014 – 2024 employment projections reflect a continuing recovery from the Great Recession.  However, as the recovery from the Great Recession matures, growth will slow down.  In Lane County, some industries are expected to continue to grow rapidly between 2014 – 2024 including health care, construction, and professional and business services.  As shown below, all Lane County industries are expected to add jobs from 2014 – 2024.

Lane County will add 16,800 jobs between 2014 – 2024.  This represents an 11 percent increase in employment over 10 years.  This is lower than the statewide increase of 14 percent over the same period.  The growth stems from anticipated private-sector gains of 15,700 jobs (13 percent) and the addition of 1,100 jobs (4 percent) in government.  The projected percent growth rate exceeds the one percent growth seen over the past decade.

Even in industries that are expected to grow slowly, there will be opportunities created by replacement needs.  Replacement needs are created when someone permanently leaves an occupation and does not include regular turnover.  Retirement is a common reason for the creation of replacement openings.  As the population ages and retirements increase, the level of replacement openings will increase.


  • Health care and social assistance adds 4,200 jobs and has the fastest growth due to a growing and aging population.
  • Construction is expected to continue its rebound from large losses during the recession.  Propelled by the need to fill low housing inventory, the industry is expected to add 900 jobs.
  • Leisure and hospitality will add 2,100 jobs due to tourism and retirees.
  • Manufacturing grows by 1,700. Durable goods manufacturing grows with the additions in computer and electronic manufacturing, wood products, and transportation equipment early in the forecast.  Non-durable goods manufacturing grows, adding 400 jobs largely from food and beverage manufacturing.
  • Natural resources and mining, which includes logging and sand and gravel mining, is expected to grow 300, due in part to an improving local construction industry.