In response to industry demand, Lane Workforce Partnership was asked to convene and facilitate the Lane County Construction-Aggregate Workgroup.  This workgroup was formed in January 2016 with the overall goals:

  • Create industry awareness for younger workers.
  • Identify/problem solve workforce issues.
  • Discuss how to make connections with Lane County Middle/High Schools, Lane Community College (LCC), and collaborations with local workforce agencies.

The group was able to meet three times in winter/spring 2016.  Projects accomplished from these meetings include:

  1. Group requested a meeting with the LCC Construction Program to better understand what’s happening with their program and graduates.  A small group of the construction-aggregate members met with LCC staff in February and discussed ways to help strengthen the program.
  2. Group requested more information about Career Technical Education (CTE) School Programs in the state.  A tour was scheduled in April of the Career Technical Education Center in Salem –
  3. Group requested improved connections with Lane County High School CTE instructors and their programs.  In order to improve industry and education connections, it was agreed to schedule a rotation of construction-aggregate reps to visit Lane County High Schools to promote benefits of working in the industry and paths to employment opportunities.  These tours will be scheduled to start in the fall/winter.
  4. Sand and Gravel tour  April 2016.
  5. Construction-Utility Career Day – October 2016.
  6. Marcola and Willamette High School presentations – November 2016.
  7. 4J School District Administration began meeting with a small group of construction and manufacturing reps for consultation and to help frame new CTE programs – December 2016.

The Lane County Construction-Aggregate Workgroup resumed meeting in January 2017 and will continue to meet through March 2017.  Projects identified for this year include:

  1. Develop industry skill set specific to construction-aggregate.
  2. Identify multiple opportunities to connect with Lane County schools – both students and educators.
  3. Meet with BOLI representatives and problem solve issues related to apprenticeships.
  4. Participate in upcoming construction-aggregate presentations to Lane County High Schools.
  5. Continue to meet with the LCC Construction Program for review and enhancement.
2016-17 Lane County Construction-Aggregate High School Presentations
2017 Construction-Aggregate Projects Summary