School to Career Task Team



Potential Strategies:

  • Use technology to introduce youth to various jobs
  • Increase paid work experience opportunities
  • Increase awareness of workforce opportunities
  • Create connections between industry and education

The task team will initially focus on school to career projects for the following industry sectors:  tech; health care; manufacturing; construction/aggregate/utility.

Initial Projects:

  • Short term – Monthly School to Career Calendar.  The group acknowledged there are multiple school to career activities that are already happening.  These activities often are completed by multiple organizations/school districts and have resulted in fragmented, duplicated school to career work.  LWP will work with Lane County School Districts to write a consolidated monthly summary/overview to be distributed to school counselors, instructors, and representatives of the four industry sectors.  This summary will promote current and upcoming school to career projects, and help the task team identify gaps and/or opportunities.  
  • Short term – Develop a skills set summary for the four identified sectors.  This tool would be used as a way for employers to identify the common skills, both work readiness (soft) and technical – those most important to their work.  This will be developed through industry meetings or through an electronic survey.  Once finalized, these skills sets will be shared with educators and counselors.  A tech skills set survey is in process.  The construction-aggregate workgroup will meet in February to work on their skills set.  Manufacturing and health care summaries will follow.  Career path and career choice information may be included with this.
  • Long term – School to Career Database.  The task team discussed strategies to improve industry to education connections and communication.  Lane ESD will take the lead to research implementation of a centralized electronic data warehouse to capture industry interest in school to career activities and range of project participation/commitment.  This tool may contain career information (much of the same information mentioned above for the skills summary) and school programs that align with industry opportunities.  Videos for each industry could be added as resource for students, counselors, and instructors.