• Health care and social assistance adds 5,000 jobs and have the fastest 10-year growth (19%) due to a growing and aging population.
  • Professional and business services adds 1,800 jobs, partly from growth in the tech sector.
  • Trade, transportation, and utilities will add 1,600 jobs, largely from growth in wholesale trade and distribution due to e-commerce.
  • Local government will add 1,600 jobs, largely in education and including the addition of the Knight Science Campus at the University of Oregon.
  • Slowed by COVID-19 restrictions, leisure and hospitality will still add 1,300 jobs due to tourism and retiree demand.
  • Construction was one of the industries least affected by COVID-19 restrictions and has the second fastest forecasted growth rate. Propelled by the need to fill low housing inventory, the industry is expected to add 900 jobs.
  • Manufacturing will grow by 800 jobs. Durable goods manufacturing will grow due to the addition in electronics from new employment at Stratacache. Non-durable good manufacturing will grow, adding 400 jobs, largely from food and beverage manufacturing.

More information can be found in the 2020 State of the Workforce Report.