Investing for Lane County Businesses

As a dedicated capacity builder and investor, Lane Workforce Partnership is committed to enhancing the region’s workforce readiness to meet the needs of local employers. We strategically utilize federal and state funds to support initiatives that empower individuals and align their skills with the evolving job market.

Current investments include:

WorkSource Lane

Lane Workforce Partnership invests federal, state, and foundation funds into WorkSource Lane, enabling the provision of essential resources such as staffing, training scholarships, support services, On-the-Job training funds, internet access, computers, and testing programs. These comprehensive services are designed to equip jobseekers with the skills necessary to meet the needs of local employers. WorkSource Lane operates through a collaborative service delivery model between Lane Workforce Partnership and the Oregon Employment Department, ensuring a cohesive approach to addressing the demands of the local job market.

Collaborative EDO

Lane Workforce Partnership has partnered with Collaborative Economic Development Oregon (Collaborative EDO) to serve as its business service arm. Collaborative EDO promotes high wage job growth in Lane County through industry engagement, entrepreneurial support, workforce development, business expansion, regional marketing, and public/private partnerships. 

Key strategic goals include:

  • Supporting sector strategists
  • Fostering cross-sector collaboration
  • Hosting an Annual State of the Industry Summit
  • Establishing success metrics
  • Exploring new strategies
  • Embedding DEI practices in the workforce system

This partnership strengthens Lane County’s workforce and economic development by focusing on talent development, high wage job creation, business competitiveness, and industry-specific training.

On-the-Job Training Program

Administered by WorkSource Oregon Lane, the On-the-Job Training (OJT) program offers Lane County businesses up to $5,000 in financial support to hire and train job seekers or current employees lacking specific skills. The “hire first” approach allows employers to train individuals on the job, with 50% wage reimbursements during the training period. Collaborative EDO champions the OJT program, working with WorkSource Oregon Lane to connect businesses with valuable resources.

OJT brochure