World Class Companies call Lane County Home

Lane County is not only known for its stunning landscapes but also boasts a thriving business community that houses some of the most well-known and beloved companies in their respective industries. From world-class innovation, to world-class flavors, to world-class necessities that are part of life everywhere, Lane County has it all.

In a collaboration with AHM Brands, a local marketing firm, the first cross-sector campaign of this kind was launched in 2019. The campaign, titled “World Class Industries Right Here!”, took flight at the Eugene Airport, showcasing and celebrating the county’s exemplary Technology, Food & Beverage Manufacturing, and Wood Products sectors. The response and enthusiasm generated were overwhelming, sparking interest and support for a Phase II of the campaign. The proposed Phase II aims to extend its reach beyond the airport’s confines. Its primary focus is to empower the future workforce, support employers, and nurture the community that makes Lane County such a remarkable place to call home.

World Class Industries Right Here!



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For more information on the Technology Industry in Oregon, contact the Technology Association of Oregon.


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For more information on the Food and Beverage Industry, contact Eugene’s Table.


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