Lane County Employment Trends

Below are selected highlights from the 2020 State of the Workforce Report.

  • According to Oregon Employment Department projections, Lane County will add 14,000 jobs between 2019 and 2029 . This represents an 8% increase in employment over 10 years.  The growth stems from anticipated private-sector gains of 12,000 jobs and the addition of 1,800 jobs in government. Even in industries that are expected to grow slowly, there will be opportunities created by replacement needs.
  • In 1990, Lane County wages were 10% less than the rest of the state. After some small improvement in the early 2000s, the wage gap with the rest of the state began to grow again after 2010, reaching 24% in 2019.
  • Although the earnings of the average worker in Lane County were $45,199 in 2019, roughly 57% of jobs earned less.

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