Lane County Labor Trends

As shown below, all Lane County industries are expected to add jobs from 2012-2022.

Some highlights in the Lane County projections include:

  • Health care and Social Assistance adds the most, 3,800 jobs (18 percent), due to a growing and aging population.
  • Information grows slowly adding 300 jobs (9 percent) as gains in software publishing are countered by losses in print publishing.
  • Leisure and Hospitality adds 2,900 jobs (20 percent) from tourism and retirees.
  • Professional and Business Services add 2,700 jobs (more than 18 percent).  A major portion of this growth is expected to come from temporary-help firms and two new call centers.
  • State government grows by 1,900 jobs (15 percent), largely from a new state hospital in Junction City.
  • Manufacturing grows 1,600 jobs (over 13 percent) with growth in durable and non-durable goods manufacturing, particularly food processing (including wineries and breweries).
  • Construction should rebound from large losses by adding 1,300 jobs (more than 25 percent).
  • Natural resources and mining, which includes logging and sand and gravel, grows by 400 jobs (more than 19 percent), due partly to an improving local construction industry.
  • Federal government grows slowly adding 100 jobs (6 percent) countering losses with a new Veteran’s Administration clinic.
Lane_Co_Industries_Add_Jobs_SOW_20 (1)
Source: Oregon Employment Department