Lane County Employment Trends

According to Oregon Employment Department projections, Lane County will add 19,300 jobs between 2017 and 2027 . This represents an 11% increase in employment over 10 years.  The growth stems from anticipated private-sector gains of 16,700 jobs and the addition of 1,500 jobs in government. Even in industries that are expected to grow slowly, there will be opportunities created by replacement needs.

Wage polarization in Lane County is improving.  The figure below illustrates that middle wage occupations in construction, education, and installation, maintenance and repair have turned positive after many years of being negative.  Even with the improvement in job growth from 2015 to 2017, middle wage jobs are growing at a slower rate than either higher or lower paying jobs.

Lane County’s unemployment rate is the lowest since comparable records began in 1990 at 4.2%.

Statewide data shows unemployment rates for teens remains elevated after the recession.  Lane County’s youth unemployment rates show a similar pattern as the rest of Oregon.

Additional information specific to Lane County can be accessed here.