2023 LWP Workforce Champion Award

Heidi Larwick is named Lane Workforce Partnership’s 2023 Workforce Champion!

In the world of challenging and rewarding work, where each day is a testament to the importance of engaged and dedicated partners, we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on our 2023 Workforce Champion, Heidi Larwick!

Last year, we honored a champion who set the standard for dedication and excellence. Heidi is a leader who embodies the perfect blend of rigor, vision, follow-through, and excellence. She is not just a practitioner of fairness and consistency; she is a navigator of decision-making, using data as a compass and promoting accountability at every turn.

Grounded in strategic thinking, Heidi aligns her actions with a clear vision and focus for the future, promoting inclusivity and empathy along the way. As a multifaceted leader, she not only sets high standards but cultivates a positive and engaging work culture that empowers individuals and propels the team toward success.

We feel fortunate to have Heidi Larwick and Connected Lane County as a partner and board member. Congratulations, Heidi! Your dedication, leadership, and steady commitment to excellence inspire us all. Thank you for being an invaluable part of our journey.