Constructing a Brighter Future on Family Radio’s Community Bridge

Check out Family Radio’s Community Bridge Feature on Constructing a Brighter Future! Constructing a Brighter Future is making progress as Lane Education Service District (ESD), Lane Community College, Lane Workforce Partnership, and 15 school districts collaborate to tackle housing insecurity. The project is on track to build 30 affordable housing units for SquareOne Villages and Everyone Village.

Lee Kounovsky, the Construction Trade Sector Specialist at Lane ESD, spoke to Family Radio about the project, highlighting its potential impact on the community. “It’s amazing to see how we can not only provide a valuable service to the community while teaching students real-life construction experience,” Kounovsky said.

The Roundhouse Foundation’s $25,000 donation has already made a significant impact, but Lane ESD is still looking for additional funding to match it. You can join forces with Lane ESD and help make a difference! Head over to the Lane CTE website to learn more and donate to Constructing a Brighter Future.

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Learn more about Constructing a Brighter Future here!