Great Resource for Translation Services from a Local and International Organization!

Go Global is a full service language company, our solutions cover all media, all formats, and all languages. This means that any support you may need related to languages, simple and complex, is the right queue to contact us. 

These are some examples of what we have been doing and fine tuning for over a decade: written translations of documents, websites, marketing ads, mobile applications. Video/ audio translation with services such as transcriptions, subtitling, voice over and dubbing. Interpreting (currently remotely only) on demand in an easy to use technology, scheduled interpreting on Zoom and other platforms. And much more.

These are some of the organizations that we assist locally: Lane County, 4J School District, Sheer ID, ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation), Mereté Hotel Management, Options Counselling and Family Services, G Street Integrated Health, Waterfall Community Health Center, Fanconi Anemia Research Fund, etc.

In the international field we work for firms such as Netflix, Google, Amazon, Dell, Microsoft, The Wall Street Journal, ICBC, HPE DXC and more.

Go Global has two ISO certifications, one for Quality and one for Translations and our processes follow the ISO framework very closely.

Go Global Contact Information: Daniela Marino, Global Director of Client Solutions (here in Eugene, Oregon)

Office: +1 (541) 632-3431
Skype: danigo-global

Languages in Oregon:
In Oregon, English is naturally the first most spoken language. Over 16% of the total population in the State doesn’t speak English (per 2019 Census). The top 3 most spoken languages other than English are: Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese. Russian, German and French follow.

Why is language support important?
If you are a public entity or a private company offering products or services, if you just communicate in English, you’ll simply be missing out on a piece of the local market and on the possibility of international expansion. The reality is: people don’t buy and aren’t interested in things that they can’t understand and if your content is in more than one language, your audience will automatically understand that you care about them.

Bilingual staff does not equal professional translators:
Your bilingual staff most likely aren’t trained to be translators and interpreters, they probably don’t even like doing those tasks and they take away from the tasks that they already have on their plate. Each language is a system and fully conveying meaning is full of challenges. Think about how sometimes in your own language it’s hard to say what you mean, add another language to the mix and you’ll get a glimpse of the complexity of language translation.
We have a multi-disciplinary team of over a thousand professional linguists around the world who are properly and constantly trained, who love translating and who do it right. Linguists study for years to become translators.

Tech and team:

To supercharge the human powers, we have purchased and developed edge technology that helps us to work faster, more efficiently and to deliver better quality. And behind the scenes, we have an amazing team of Project Managers, Account Managers, IT specialists, Human Resources, Quality Managers and more, holding the whole structure in place, plus our company is led by knowledgeable women (who seriously rock). Apart from our Eugene Oregon location, we operate from Buenos Aires Argentina and Barcelona Spain.

If you have a language need now, in the near future or if you’re curious about the language dimension, let’s meet for an intro call. Pick a date and time in this link to get us booked, I look forward to meeting you!